Health economics and financing

Health economics and financing is concerned with how financial resources are generated, allocated and used in health systems. Health economics and financing also play an important role in informing health policy and are a key element of the planning and evaluation process. Sound financial planning is essential to strengthening health systems and contributes directly to improving the impact of health care interventions.
Hence, HERA believes that considerations about health economics and financing should be integrated in the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of health policies, strategies and delivery mechanisms through, for example:

  • Design and implementation of budgeting and costing tools
  • Development of appropriate pro-poor financing strategies and mechanisms
  • Selection of cost-effective and financially sustainable interventions

HERA has extensive experience in health economics and financing aimed at finding the most efficient and equitable strategies for countries facing a financial resource gap. HERA has undertaken health financing and economic evaluation studies for national governments, bilateral and multilateral development agencies and NGOs, as well as public or private institutions. This expertise has also informed most of the identification, formulation and appraisal missions that HERA has implemented over the years.

Our specific areas of expertise are: