Ecological footprint

hera follows a pro-active environmental policy in order to limit the environmental damage due to her activities. We do this by:

  • acquiring better insight into the environmental actions of the enterprise and the continued search for improvement of environmental actions;
  • executing a policy of rational use of water, energy and raw materials (e.g. use of solar power for the office);
  • offering information and education to staff in the field of environmental problems;
  • raising awareness for environmental problems and drawing attention to the reduction of the ecological footprint when organizing consultancies;
  • assessing, from an ecological viewpoint, each technical/financial proposal to be submitted by HERA to a client (e.g. how to minimize the ecological footprint of the proposed action);
  • compensating for our CO2 emissions, for all air travel, by investing in sustainable energy projects through the Climate Neutral Group.
  • In 2015 hera joined efforts with “ondernemers zonder grenzen” (Entrepreneurs without borders - OZG) to help offset air travel and support reforestation efforts in the Sahel.