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Ten-year Review of the 'Creation of a Health Research Center' project in Angola / Balanço de 10 anos do projeto "Criação de um Centro de Investigação em Saúde em Angola"

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery; PHC/MNCH/RH/Nutrition/W&S; Basic Health Services / Primary health care
Narrative description of project:
The purpose of the hera mission was to carry out an independent external evaluation of the CISA project. CISA undertakes biomedical and public health research in Angola, Bengo Province, and stands for: 'Centro de Investigação de Saúde em Angola' - Health Research Centre in Angola. For the last 10 years, the Portuguese Gulbenkian Foundation (GF) and the Portuguese International Development Cooperation has supported Angola with the establishment of the health research center. The independent evaluation looked at the past and current status of this project, and came up with suggestions to pursue and adapt the collaboration between the key stakeholders.
Description of services provided:
The hera team identified results and challenges of this project using the DAC evaluation criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability). The picture was mixed; while good quality publications were produced, there were also missed opportunities to strengthen the local health system. There were questions about the future profile of CISA and the complexities of establishing an autonomous domestically funded CISA. The hera team came up with a series of practical recommendations to help facilitate the formulation of a new institutional support project with the hopes of twinning arrangements with Institutions such as the Lisbon Institute for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.