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Mid-Term Review of Intervention Institutional Support Program for the Health Sector (PAISS) in Burundi : Support for Infrastructure, Equipment and Maintenance

Enabel - Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)
Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery; PHC/MNCH/RH/Nutrition/W&S; Basic Health Services / Primary health care
Narrative description of project:
The Institutional Support Program for the Health Sector in Burundi (PAISS) aims to improve the performance of the health system. PAISS, which consisted of five components, has a single common outcome, the quality of health services delivery. The support components for governance at the central and peripheral levels (component 1 and 2), and for the development of human resources for health (component 3) were closed. Only component 4, support to the national health information system, and component 5, support for infrastructure, equipment and maintenance remained in progress. The implementation of Component 5 has been affected by the suspension of institutional support at the central level because of the political crisis in Burundi in 2015. Thus component 5, the construction of the MSPLS, was suspended without reallocation of the related budget. Due to budgetary constraints, the upgrade of the Health Center (HC) according to the standards (Result 3) was limited to the photovoltaic installation in 29 HCs and the construction / rehabilitation of 6 of the 59 Health Centers of the two provinces belonging to the intervention zone. The Mid-Term Review (MTR); i) supported steering and proposed useful and evidence-based recommendations; ii) contributed to learning and explained what works, what does not work and why, and highlighted the lessons learned for other interventions and which can be used for the development of new policies, strategies and programs; and (iii) provided accountability to the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight Against Aids, the donor and other stakeholders. This was done by studying the criteria of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and impact, as well as horizontal concerns and cross-cutting issues.
Description of services provided:
The evaluation mission included desk reviews, interviews and observations. The team leader and the national consultant visited Burundi from November 20 to December 15, 2015. Interviews were held with key people from the Ministry of Public Health and AIDS (MSPLS) at all levels of the country, with representatives of other State structures, PAISS / CTB, the Belgian embassy in Burundi, the community, and TFPs.