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Evaluation of HIV/AIDS programme. "Support to Safe Blood Transfusion and STD/AIDS Education at village level"

Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery/Health Programmes/BoDSecondary/Tertiary Care; Equity, Equality, Access, InclusionHospital Services / specialised services; Health Education / Behaviour Change Communication
Narrative description of project:
This project involved the evaluation of the achievement of the objectives assigned to programme:
  • Ensure safe blood transfusion

  • Ensure a performing management within CNTS

  • Promote voluntary blood donation by the population

  • Ensure an external control mechanism of blood transfusion in Mali

  • Develop auto transfusion

  • Implement educational and sensitizing actions
Description of services provided:
The team evaluated the support for safe blood transfusion and in particular:
  • The relevance of this support in relation with the evolution of the referral services, the decentralization of the health system and more broadly the relation to PRODESS

  • The coherence in relation to other programmes financed by the European Commission and to the support by other partners in development

  • The effectiveness in relation to the resources allocated through the programme, in particular the civil engineering investments, the equipment, the technical assistance and the support to the functioning of the structure

  • The cost-effectiveness in relation to the global costs of the health services and of the budget of the Ministry of Health