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Evaluation of the EC Support to the Mozambican National STD/HIV/AIDS program

Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery/Health Programmes/BoDPlanning/Management/M&E; Communicable diseases (CD)Planning, Organisation and Management; Malaria - HIV/AIDS - TB
Narrative description of project:
The objective of the evaluation was to assess the basis for future support of the EC to the Mozambican Government in its program against STD/HIV/AIDS and make recommendations at two levels for a new phase of EC support to be provided under a 8th EDF NIP programme:
- At the level of the Ministry of Health for its Mozambican National STD/HIV/AIDS Program;
- At the level of the Mozambican Government.
Description of services provided:
The team evaluated
- the contribution of the successive EC support projects of the past 11 years to the Mozambique STD/ HIV/ AIDS Program;
- the current interventions against STD/ HIV/ AIDS in EC projects in other sectors.

Based on the evaluation findings, conclusions and lessons as well as the national policy framework at the time, the team provided recommendations concerning the reorientations of present actions and the reorientation of future actions.