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Feasibility study on the health and utility benefits of renovation of the physical infrastructure of Hung Yen Province General Hospital at Hung Yen province

Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery/Health Programmes/BoDInfrastructure/Equipment/Logistics; Secondary/Tertiary CareInfrastructure / Equipment / Logistics; Hospital Services / specialised services
Narrative description of project:
Feasibility study in the framework of the renovation of the Hung Yen Hospital in the Central North of Vietnam. The study aim was to determine the advantages - at the level of the population's health- which can be obtained through renovation of the existing hospital infrastructures. This study was used as a decision-making tool for Lux-Development and as such provided and evaluation and suggested alternate scenarios.
Description of services provided:
Analysis of the following aspects :
- Analysis of the administration of the actual hospital
- Analysis of the management of the human resources ;
- Analysis of the clinical data and the data of health prevention
- SWOT analysis of present hospital situation and future role and opportunities