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Identification and Formulation of a project for the renovation of the central hospital in Beira, Mozambique

Ministry of Health
Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery/Health Programmes/BoDInfrastructure/Equipment/Logistics; Secondary/Tertiary CareInfrastructure / Equipment / Logistics; Hospital Services / specialised services
Narrative description of project:
The Ministry of Health (MISAU) applied for Flemish Cooperation support funds for the rehabilitation of an Infectious and Contagious Disease Ward and for improving laboratory examinations in Beira. The identification and formulation mission was designed to check the relevance, feasibility and sustainability of the proposal for the renovation of the central Hospital and the '21 de Julho' Hospital.
Description of services provided:
The strengths/weaknesses and opportunities/threats were analysed for both alternative solutions: (1) to rehabilitate the building of the hospital '24 de julho' and transform it in a reference unit for infectious diseases; (2) to build a new ward inside the hospital compound that would serve both as the TB and dermatology ward and an infectious disease reference clinic The conclusion was that the construction of a new ward was the best alternative.
Stakeholders analysis
Formulation of the alternative project: intervention logic, operational planning, budget