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Mid-term evaluation of the support to the Central Hospital of Kigali (CHK)

Ministry of Health
Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery/Health Programmes/BoDPlanning/Management/M&E; Secondary/Tertiary CarePlanning, Organisation and Management; Hospital Services / specialised services
Narrative description of project:
The objectives of this evaluation was twofold:
- To evaluate the level of achievement of the intermediate results “Tertiary Care Improved and Accessible” and “Referral and Counter-referral system operational”. This implies the identification of problems and constraints slowing down the implementation of activities and the achievement of the aimed results; and the proposal of orientations for a possible new intervention phase
- And to evaluate or appreciate certain specific aspects of organisation of the services
Description of services provided:
In addition to carrying out the above tasks, the evaluation also covered the following issues:
- Estimation how much the CHK disposes of the minimal technical capacity and offers care that actually satisfies the national needs or the demands of the periphery;
- Evaluation of the medical information system and the management of the patient's file;
- Evaluation of the consequences of the “training” aspects on the care activities;
- Introduction of private practices within the establishment;
- Contribute ideas and references to enrich the discussion of the role of the CHK in the national health system.