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Support to IOTA during the transition phase of the Support Programme against Blindness

Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery/Health Programmes/BoDNon communicable diseases (NCD); Aid Effectiveness / Development effectivenessAid effectiveness / Development effectiveness
Narrative description of project:
The African Ophtalmological Tropical Institute (IOTA) had been in charge of the Regional Support Programme against Blindness between 1993 and 1998. The Programme had been extended with one year till 1999 when IOTA would have been handed over to the Malian government. The mid-term evaluation of the Programme had recommended to extend the transition period with one more year till 2000 in order to: (i) evaluate the national Programmes against Blindness of the 8 beneficiary countries, (ii) identify the needs in terms of technical and epidemiological expertise and (iii) to develop a network of epidemiologists in ophthalmology in the 8 countries.
Description of services provided:
A field visit to each of the beneficiary countries in order to:
- Assess the physical and functional availability and utilisation of the equipment provided by the Programme;
- Guide the 8 countries during the transition phase;
- Define the needs and study the modalities of a future collaboration between each of the countries and IOTA.