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Technical review 2004 of the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Programme

Ministry of Health - Tanzania
Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery/Health Programmes/BoDPlanning/Management/M&E; Communicable diseases (CD)Planning, Organisation and Management; TB
Narrative description of project:
The purpose of the evaluation is to assess achievements and gaps in implementing the second National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Programme (NTLP) strategic plan and suggest ways to improve for future planning.
Description of services provided:
Assess progress made by NTLP in the period July 2001 and against the recommendations of the NTLP evaluation conducted in June 2000;
Assess progress made in improving TB case detection and treatment outcome in relation to global DOTS targets and suggest ways to improve access to TB diagnosis and treatment;
Assess progress made in leprosy elimination in relation to WHO global target of eliminating leprosy elimination as a public health problem by 2005 and advise on ways how to maintain high case-detection, quality care (PoD) and good case-holding for leprosy patients;
Assess performance in drug management by NTLP and MSD; including the entire cycle of quantification, tender preparation etc until distribution to the user points and advise on ways how to improve it;
Assess proposed joint TB/HIV interventions at district level in relation to WHO guidelines and suggest ways to improve this;
Assess management performance within NTLP in general and TLCU in particular and advise on ways for strengthening this in terms of team spirit, effectiveness and efficiency, with particular reference to further integration into health reforms, partnership building in TB/HIV, and possibilities of outsourcing of specific areas of work;
Assess the effectiveness of the governance and financial management mechanisms of the NTLP Joint Account in supporting and facilitating the implementation of programme activities in line with the ongoing Health Sector Reforms and SWAp;
Identify causes and constraints, which have resulted and contributed to success or failure in achieving the targets and objectives set in the 2nd Medium Term Strategic Plan (2001-2004);
Assess and advise on future technical assistance (TA) to NTLP for capacity building in development areas and in overcoming new operational challenges in the achievement of its goals, objectives and ambitions;
Present recommendations in a form of a report on all above subjects aimed at mainstreaming NTLP operations to ensure programme performance, effectiveness and sustainability.