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External Evaluation of the Integrated Health Programme DR and Republic Congo Project

Salvation Army Switzerland
The Democratic Republic of The Congo
Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; PPP and Private Sector; Civil society organisation (CSO) / non-government organisation (NGO)_D
Narrative description of project:
The project (PD 2832) is a continuation of previous support of the medical services in both Congo’s, and is part of a long-term partnership between The Salvation Army (TSA) Switzerland and both territories dating back to the early sixties. The overall objective of the follow-up project was to contribute towards improving health of men, women and children in the DRC and the RC and so to contribute to the eradication of extreme hunger and poverty (the first Millennium Development Goal or MDG 1). Efforts to attain this objective include the financial support for the supply of medication and equipment, as well as for the execution of community sensitization campaigns and nutritional activities. In addition, the project aimed to enhance the capacity of TSA health staff by creating opportunities for learning and exchange.