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Increase visibility of B4?s activities

European Commission (EC)
Field of Expertise:
Social Values and Determinants of Health; Social determinants; Communication for development (C4D)
Narrative description of project:
This assignment is part of the Health Advisory Services – HAS project (EUR 1.999.715,00, 10/2014-10/2017, managed by hera consortium). Its identification number within the HAS is HAS 017.
The HAS provides technical support to the European Commission (DEVCO/HQ) and the EU Delegations for a period of three years. DG DEVCO contracted the HAS to support the implementation of its health aid policies and programmes; strengthen the capacity of EU Delegations and DEVCO/HQ; and tackle other issues for which in-house thematic capacity is lacking or insufficient.

The HAS was requested to develop a number of communication products to (i) increase the visibility of B4’s work, but also (ii) to assure that the work that B4 does is depicted correctly.