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Preparation of a Standard Twining fiche and a Twining light fiche for the Ministry of Health of Moldova

European Commission (EC)
Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; Policy/Strategy/DRA; Drug Regulatory Authority
Narrative description of project:
The Republic of Moldova and the European Union have signed an Association Agreement including an agreement to reach a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. For this reason Moldova has committed to approximate its legislation to the EU Acquis. Furthermore, the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (“MMDA”) has to strengthen its capacities to be able to function in the EU networks of regulatory authorities.

In order to achieve approximation of the Moldovan healthcare legislation and strengthening of the capacities of the MMDA, the EU Delegation to Moldova and the Ministry of Health have agreed to organise a standard twinning with the MMDA as well as a twinning light with the Ministry of Health.

Both twinning projects were to be circulated in the EU member states in November 2014 and be conducted as of September 2015.