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the elaboration of the ToR/Strategy/Scope of work to contract PSI/MSI/MMA to work with the private sector (in MNCH but more precisely on RH).

Myanmar (fka. Burma)
Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; Policy/Strategy/DRA; Drug Regulatory Authority
Narrative description of project:
The 3MDG Fund Description of Action states that the programme will be implemented directly and indirectly through non-governmental partners including UN agencies, international and local NGOs, CBOs, private sector organisations and decentralised public sector health services, and that consideration be given to review of the potential role of private sector providers in the health sector. The 3MDG Fund Manager intended to commission Implementing Partners to build a total market approach to delivering MNCH services, with Government ownership and leadership, and both Government and non-public service providers working together to deliver the MNCH objectives outlined in the 3MDG DoA and 3MDG logframe. Hera technical assistance was contracted to support the commissioning process.