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Pharmaceutical System Assessment

Ministry of Health
Field of Expertise:
Medical Products/ TechnologiesPolicy/strategy/DRA; PSCM /Financing and cost/pricingProcurement and Supply chain Assessments & Strengthening; Procurement / Tender / Quantification; Pharmaceutical Sector Planning, M&E; Rational Use Surveys; Training and Human Resource Development; National Medicines Policy
Narrative description of project:
Project involved carrying out a comprehensive review of the Pharmaceutical systems in Lesotho, to make proposals and assist the Pharmaceutical Department to define and begin to implement a programme of reforms.
Description of services provided:

  • General assessment of pharmaceutical management (MOHSW pharmaceuticals dept, CHAL, LPC, NDSO)

  • Policy review: review of draft National Drug Policy

  • Review of procurement process

  • Assess methodology of procuring drugs

  • Assess adequacy of present QA system

  • Drug financing: review sources of funding, assess management of drug budget

  • Pharmaceutical information system

  • Rational Drug use

  • Preparation for drug registration

  • Human resources

  • Private-public sector: analysis capacity/efficiency ; price comparison

  • Capacity building

  • Assist implementation