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Review of the Drug Provision System (indent system)

Field of Expertise:
Medical Products/ TechnologiesPSCM /Financing and cost/pricingProcurement and Supply chain Assessments & Strengthening
Narrative description of project:
The objectives of the review were to carry out a thorough assessment of the indent system for drugs distribution as piloted in Morogoro region under Health Service Providers (HSPs) and make recommendations for the further implementation of a pull system in Tanzania.
Description of services provided:
The team performed the following review:
- Assessment of the initial design and the operational version of the Indent System;
- Assessment of the actual implementation of the system package with regard to its adequacy for implementation in other regions;
- Assessment of the impact of the system;
- Assessment of the financial aspects;
- Assessment of the system's potential to respond to the health reform target of delegation responsibilities for the planning and execution of drug supply at PHC level;
- Assessment of quality of the data acquired via the system as basis for preparation of drug sector policies;
- Assessment of the system's potential to promote rational use of drugs;
- Analysis and comparison of the costs and control mechanism of the previous 'push' system of standard kits versus the Indent System as a "pull" system;
- Analysis and assessment of options for further implementation of a 'pull system' and recommend on replication and adjustments of the present system. Assess and quantify the need for further external financial and technical assistance. Identify the need for socio-economic assessment of the system after introduction of socio-sharing for drugs.