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Technical Assistance Mission regarding the First Phase of the Revolving Drug Fund in Nyamira, Kenya

Field of Expertise:
Medical Products/ TechnologiesPSCM /Financing and cost/pricing; Demand side financingProcurement and Supply chain Assessments & Strengthening
Narrative description of project:
Project required the assessment of the Revolving Drug Fund project in Western Kenya.
The goal was to:
  • identify critical indicators that should be monitored by the project

  • to discuss and advise on the identification of training needs and materials

  • to advise on the preparation of the required information materials

  • to provide suggestions for defining the intervals for intermediate, internal self-evaluation

  • to provide suggestions for joint GoK/MoH - BTC programme evaluations.

  • to provide an overview assessment of the existing policies on pricing and price setting, cost awareness and the existing exemption methods with the health staff and the public and discuss and give advice for the development of pricing methodology, price setting guidelines, exemption methodology and guidelines
    overview the assessment of existing situation with regard to drug management skills, operations, capacity and capabilities and give advice for adaptation to RDF requirements
  • to discuss on guidelines in the development of RDF programme control and checking methods on administrative skills, quality of records and management of stocks and funds

  • to discuss on guidelines in outlining the drafts for the procedure manual on the flow of drugs, storage and distribution within the system