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Support to the implementation of the Integrated Health Program (IHP/PROSANI) project

The Democratic Republic of The Congo
Field of Expertise:
Health Research and Information; Health Information System / Epidemiology /M&E frameworks; Health Information System / Epidemiology /M&E frameworks
Narrative description of project:
Through the Integrated Health Program for the Democratic Republic of Congo (IHP-DRC), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) works to achieve sustainable improvements in the health of the Congolese people by building the capacity of health institutions and communities to deliver quality, integrated services.

This consultancy was implemented by three core partners, led by Abt Associates, and a number of niche partners, including three partners on e-health, Bluesquare, Mobile Accord and Viamo. Whilst the latter two concentrated on mHealth, Bluesquare developed thirteen data systems themes. hera’s role was to assist Bluesquare in finalizing its methodological approach towards the development of a strategy for the strengthening of the national health information system (NHIS) in the DRC in the framework of the above project.
Description of services provided:
The draft methodological approach has in a first instance been converted into a landscape strategic study. Upon its approval, a second contract was signed for the redaction of a full-fledged e-health strategy, especially related towards the strengthening of the NHIS, covering 13 strategic themes. The e-health strategy is still under development (2019).