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Review of the Health Management Information System

Field of Expertise:
Information and ResearchHealth Information System/Epidemiology/M&E frameworksHealth System Research
Narrative description of project:
Review of the design of the Health Management Information System (HMIS), its operation and its ability to provide timely and appropriate management information to all levels in the health care system;
- Assessment of the extent to which clients/users at all relevant levels have made appropriate use of processed information for planning and management purposes;
- Assessment of the products of the AMMP and to which extent such information products have been used for health policy formulation and adjustments, and to which extent Adult Morbidity and Mortality Project (AMMP) information has been used for validating the information products of the HMIS;
- Provide recommendations for changes and adjustments in HMIS and AMMP for these systems also to serve the specific purposes in relation to the introduction of Health Reform.
Description of services provided:
- A report with details of methodology, findings, analysis and recommendations
- A presentation of findings and recommendations to the relevant entities in the MoH
- A plan of implementation with budget if major changes and adjustments are needed