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Annual Joint Review of the Health Sector in Uganda

Field of Expertise:
Leadership/ Governance/ Policy/ Strategic Planning/ Management/ M&EPolicy/Governance/System; Planning/Management/M&EHealth Sector Review / Health Sector Diagnosis / health sector performance
Narrative description of project:
At the time of this project Uganda was developing its new Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP III). In parallel, GoU planned to do an evaluation of the performance of the health sector during the previous HSSP II, as part of its AHSPR FY09/10. In June 2010, a JANS team of the IHP+ did a review of an incomplete draft of HSSP III and submitted a draft report. BTC had already decided to send a team of budget support experts to participate in the JRM, together with the BTC health sector advisor and the attachés who are based in Kampala. The mission complemented and reinforced this team as a health sector expert.
Description of services provided:
The objective of the mission was to support BTC and the Belgian Embassy in their reflexions and the decision making around the Belgian budget support to the health sector.
In particular the mission did:
- Review and assess the relevant documents, in particular the evaluation of HSSP II (being part of the AHSPR FY09/10) and the HSSP III.
- Participate in the JRM of the health sector (±2 out of 3 days).
- Contribute to the internal reflexion (HQ, BTC Uganda, Embassy) on the Belgian contribution to the Sector Budget Support in the health sector.