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Evaluation Finale du Projet "Appui Institutionnel au Ministère de la Santé (AIMS) " et Evaluation à mi-parcours du Projet d'Appui au Renforcement des Zones et Départements Sanitaires du Mono-Couffo et l'Atacora - Donga (PARZS)

Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)
Benin (Dahomey)
Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Policy, Governance, System; Health Policy / Policy Dialogue / Governance / Legal framework
Narrative description of project:
Within the scope of a framework contract, BTC/CTB has commissioned the HERA/Aedes consortium to carry out a final evaluation of its " Institutional Support Project" to the Ministry of Health of Benin, as well as documenting lessons learnt in project implementation.
Description of services provided:
- Development of an analytical framework for the assignment
- Data collection and analysis on the basis of literature review, desk research and interviews
- Facilitation of validation workshop
- Preparation of evaluation report and discussion paper on alternative institutional structure of this type of health sector support projects