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Ministry of Health Ghana Leadership and Organisational Development Adviser

Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Policy, Governance, System; Health Policy / Policy Dialogue / Governance / Legal framework
Narrative description of project:
In January 2012, an Institutional & Organisational Assessment (IOA) of the Ghanaian health sector was carried out, which strongly recommended the MOH to embark on a comprehensive leadership and organisational development programme with a view to better perform its role as steward of the sector, with GHS, NGOs, CHAG and others from the private sector as providers and the NHIA as purchaser of services.

Following the MOH’s request, DANIDA subsequently agreed to deploy the services of a ‘Leadership and Organisational Development Adviser’ to facilitate implementation of proposed ‘change’ process under direct auspices of the Chief Director and in coordination with the Director for Policy, Planning, and Monitoring & Evaluation.

From January 2013 to early 2015, DANIDA has been providing short-term management support services to the MOH Central Office’s efforts to further build and strengthen its organisational, and managerial capacity to effectively play its role as steward of the sector, in accordance with the Civil Service Act 600 and reconfirmed in the SMTDP.