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Identification of new budget + Feasibility NE Province

Field of Expertise:
Leadership/ Governance/ Policy/ Strategic Planning/ Management/ M&EHealth Information System/Epidemiology/M&E frameworks; Planning/Management/M&E; PHC/MNCH/RH/Nutrition/W&S; PSCM /Financing and cost/pricingProcurement and Supply chain Assessments & Strengthening; Planning, Organisation and Management; Basic Health Services / Primary health care; Child health
Narrative description of project:
The objective of the mission was twofold:
To identify/formulate a framework for additional support towards the health sector (2004-2006) aimed at further strengthening and supporting the MOH in the development and implementation of health related policies nationwide.
To conduct a feasibility study on the re-inclusion of the HSP component related to North Eastern in Danida's project envelope.
Description of services provided:
To prepare a programme, HSPS I, that would focus on strengthening the capacity in districts and at the same time participate in the preparation of a sector-wide approach (SWAp), leading to budget financing in a possible next phase of the HSPS I. The components are:

  • Support to the SWAp process

  • Support to the pharmaceutical sector

  • Support to district health management information systems (HMIS)

  • Support to implementation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy