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Joint MoH and Cooperative Partners Health Appraisal, Zambia National Health Strategic Plan 2001-2005

Field of Expertise:
Leadership/ Governance/ Policy/ Strategic Planning/ Management/ M&EPolicy/strategy/DRA; Universal health coverage; Policy/Governance/System; Planning/Management/M&E; PSCM /Financing and cost/pricing; Sector Wide Approach (SWAp); Health expenditure Review/ National Health Accounts (NHA)/ Health Financing StudiesHealth Policy / Policy Dialogue / Governance / Legal framework; Universal health coverage; Health Sector Review / Health Sector Diagnosis / health sector performance; Planning, Organisation and Management; Health expenditure review
Narrative description of project:
This project involved a joint feasibility study by the international partners and the Ministry of Health of the five-year program of the Ministry of Health (2001-2005) within the framework of the Health Sector reform. Economic, financial, social, technical and institutional evaluation of the plan and the health sector itself. Evaluation of the proposed strategies in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability to achieve the objectives of the health reform, the decentralisation process, etc.
Proposal of mechanisms and structures to encourage the Sector-Wide Approach and to redynamise the partnership between the government and the partners and a proposal of amendments to the government's health plan to make it more realistic and efficient.
Description of services provided:

  • Preparation of the mission (prospection mission before the start to consult all the clients)

  • Organisation of the complete mission, the study and the report.

  • Interlocutor between the consultants, clients and the Government of Zambia.

  • Finalisation of all the products, recommendations, terms of reference, five-years plan, etc.

  • Expertise in health economics, health system development, health sector reform and SWAp processes.