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Joint Sector Review (JSR) of the Health Sector Programme Support, Phase III

Field of Expertise:
Leadership/ Governance/ Policy/ Strategic Planning/ Management/ M&EPlanning/Management/M&EHealth Sector Review / Health Sector Diagnosis / health sector performance
Narrative description of project:
The objectives of the review were to:
  • Assess the progress achieved and the constraints met with focus on the implementation of the 9FYP and HSPSIII.

  • Recommend on major issues of importance to the sustainable and equitable development of the health sector over the coming years, and how the HSPSIII may contribute.

  • Recommend on continued budget support to the health sector for the fiscal year 2004/05.

  • Recommend on the work plan and budget for the earmarked funds under component 2 of HSPSIII for the fiscal year 2004/05.

  • Assess the completion of the HSPSII.

  • Assess the completion of the RWSS component incl. the possible future need for support.