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Mid-term review of the Health Sector Support Programme I & II

Field of Expertise:
Leadership/ Governance/ Policy/ Strategic Planning/ Management/ M&EPolicy/Governance/System; Planning/Management/M&E; PHC/MNCH/RH/Nutrition/W&S; Communicable diseases (CD)Health Sector Review / Health Sector Diagnosis / health sector performance; Basic Health Services / Primary health care; HIV/AIDS
Narrative description of project:
The European Commission (EC), through the 8th European Development Fund (EDF), financed two Health Sector Support Programmes (HSSP-I and HSSP-II) in the Ministry of Health & Child Welfare (MOHCW) of Zimbabwe. The two programmes are based on the needs expressed in the 1997-2007 Zimbabwean National Health Strategy, which includes an agenda for health reforms in Zimbabwe. HSSP-I started in August 2000 with a budget of €24.5m, with the objective to 'promote social justice through improved quality of life amongst the most vulnerable by developing a sustainable and efficient health system '. In February 2002, EU measures against Zimbabwe necessitated a re-programming of the project, which was completed in March 2003. HSSP-I ran until September 2006. HSSP-II started in November 2001 with a budget of €33m, with the objective to 'reduce the incidence and alleviate the impact of HIV/AIDS and other priority diseases in Zimbabwe' HSPI-II. The initiative ended in November 2004. It was not affected by the EU measures.