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Pre-feasibility and Feasibility study of the “Health Sector and Demography Support”

Field of Expertise:
Leadership/ Governance/ Policy/ Strategic Planning/ Management/ M&EPlanning/Management/M&EHealth Sector Review / Health Sector Diagnosis / health sector performance
Narrative description of project:
The studies provided the decision-makers in the Government of Yemen and the European Commission with a proposal for the future design of the project 'Health Sector and Demography Support '. The proposed project design also took into account the recommendations of the pre-feasibility study carried out on 2002 as well as the key issues of the ongoing discussions between the Ministry of Public health and Population and the EC services since then.
Description of services provided:
Health sector review included:
  • analysis of Yemen's health sector reform plan and implementation; performance of the health sector; analysis of public and private health expenditure; management and implementation capacity of existing providers; human resources development policy; essential drugs policy and supply; demography and reproductive health;

  • Stages of sectoral review using the logframe methodology

  • Recommendations about the strategic choices to be made

  • Participatory strategy analysis and planning workshops at the Governorate level using the logframe methodology according to EC standards

  • Establish links with possible EC support to National Population Council

  • Study reproductive health issues and gender roles and interests relating to these services

  • A precise proposal on the organisation of the project and the technical inputs necessary to achieve the objectives of the project

  • Presentation of the proposed project to the central level and to the major stakeholders
  • Draft Financing Proposal and TAPS

  • Analysis of constraints to efficient service delivery and propose solutions

  • Human resource management and performance