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Final Evaluation of the Institutional Capacity Building project

Enabel - Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)
Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Policy, Governance, System; Health Policy / Policy Dialogue / Governance / Legal framework
Narrative description of project:
Within the framework contract with BTC for evaluation of health projects, the hera consortium performed a final review of ICB project in Uganda. The project has 4 results areas : improved organizational and institutional performance of the Ministry of Health HQ and the health institutions in the two selected regions, organizational and Institutional Capacity strengthened at regional and district levels in Rwenzori and West-Nile regions. The training needs in L&M of the heath sector are strengthened trough transformation of the HMDC (Mbale) and the establishment of 2 regional training satellite centres and the scientific support to the capacity building processes in the Ugandan health sector and capitalization on project experiences.

The main questions for the review were to :
1. assess the process, achievements and challenges related to the introduction in the project of Execution Agreements with 15 District Local Governments and two Regional Referral Hospitals to support Institutional Capacity Building interventions at regional and district level and
assess the way interventions (i.e. under ICB-I, PNFP and Budget Support) share specific expertise at national and regional level, how they work together (processes, tools, shared expertise, flexibility communication) and to make recommendations to optimize the added value of this Programme approach.