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Missions de suivi du programme d'appui à la réforme du secteur de la santé "PASS II"

European Commission (EC)
Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Policy, Governance, System; Health Sector Reform
Narrative description of project:
The overall objective of the technical program supporting health sector reform "PASS II" in Morocco is to strengthen access to quality health care for all.
The main targets of the program are the relevant services and departments of the Ministries of Health, and the beneficiaries are the Moroccan citizens, and in particular the ones living in remote areas.
hera was hired to monitor the implementation of the PASS II through 7 field missions in 3 years. The analysis carried out by the hera experts will contribute to the decision of disbursing next tranches of the program.
The experts will be required to work both at the central and at the regional level.