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Development of a training curriculum/materials and training for medical logisticians

South Sudan
Field of Expertise:
Health Workforces; HR Training; HR Training; Medical Products, Technologies; PSCM, financing and cost/pricing; Procurement and Supply Chain Assessments & Strengthening
Narrative description of project:
The Health Pooled Fund in South Sudan began its third phase (HPF3) in July 2018 and is supported to run until 2023 by DFID, the Government of Canada, Swedish SIDA and USAID. HPF3 supports delivery of community level, essential primary health care, secondary health care and referral health services, stabilisation of local health systems, and procurement and supply chain management of essential medical commodities. HPF3 actively supports services in eight state hubs of South Sudan.

Starting in April 2019, new HPF3 Implementing Partners were engaged to continue supporting the State MOH and counties in providing services to all supported health facilities.
For this contract a supply chain management consultant was provided by hera to engage the in-country team and MOH to come up with an appropriate training package to be used to train medical logisticians, storekeepers, and dispensers. A Training of Trainers event was also conducted to produce a pool of trainers available to train health facility staff in the HPF supported states.

The main supply chain activities that were supported included: last mile distribution, stock rotation (inclusive of covering expired stock), facility consumption reports, drug management committees etc. Additional supply chain responsibilities that require specific skill sets and capacity from both med logs and storekeepers will be provided through a formalised training package. This capacity, when built, will eventually be used as a pool of trainers that will further train health facility staff working in the pharmacy unit.