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Evaluation à mi-parcours du projet "appui à la formation des agents de Santé oeuvrant dans les districts et régions sanitaires"

Enabel - Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)
Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; All/Other_A; Training and Human Resource Development
Narrative description of project:
The project " Appui à la formation continue des agents de santé œuvrant dans les Régions et Districts sanitaires", known as PFAS, is a project of direct bilateral cooperation between the Government of Niger and the Kingdom of Belgium.

The objective of the evaluation was to:

1. Assess the implementation of the intervention in terms of basic criteria (Relevance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Sustainability, Coherence, Impact) and HARMO criteria to enhance the effectiveness of aid, and take into account the actual cross-cutting themes.

2. Making proposals to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the intervention.