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Annual Review for Ghana Malaria Prevention, Diagnosis and Data Programme

Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery; Communicable diseases (CD); Infectious diseases / epidemic / outbreak / vaccination
Narrative description of project:
In August 2013, the DFID-supported Ghana Malaria Prevention, Diagnosis and Data Programme was initiated with the goal of assisting Ghana to reduce mortality and morbidity due to malaria in all age groups in Ghana. The programme was scheduled to last for three years, with up to £18.8 million of funding from DFID and activities designed in four areas of intervention: prevention, diagnosis, behavioural change and data.

In August 2014, hera was contracted by HEART to provide a team leader consultant to undertake the APR of the Programme for the year ending August 2014, in order to provide an independent assessment of the project’s progress against stated objectives and to make any necessary recommendations in order to improve project performance.