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Annual Review of the DFID Support to the National Malaria Programme (SuNMAP)

Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery; Communicable diseases (CD); Infectious diseases / epidemic / outbreak / vaccination
Narrative description of project:
The DFID financed SuNMaP Programme started in 2008 with a budget of £50 million. It supports the management, coordination and delivery of malaria control services in ten Nigerian States (since 2012, when the support programme was expanded to four other States). Most of SuNMaP’s support is through the provision of long and short-term technical assistance for systems development; training; institutional strengthening; and some commodities support.

Therefore, SuNMaP’s role is, basically, twofold:
- Providing institutional support to national (public health) services involved in malaria control; and,
- Providing direct support to service delivery and disease control.