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HSDP: Improving Returns from Capacity Building Investments in HIS/eHealth

Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Infrastructure/Equipment/Logistics; Infrastructure/Equipment/Logistics
Narrative description of project:
The World Bank’s support, Health Sector Development Program (HSDP), to the national program (HPNSDP) is in the amount of US$ 358.90 million along with a multi-donor trust and a single-donor trust fund with an approximate value of US$ 400 million (which is channeled through the World Bank).
The development objective of HSDP is to enable the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) to strengthen health systems and improve health services. In the first two years of HSDP approximately US$ 11.5 million has been spent in procurement of computers, accessories and other equipment geared towards digitizing the record keeping systems and hospital automation. Additional funds from the GOB budget have also been spent in procuring similar items. The Central Medical Stores Depot (CMSD) has procured the goods for HIS/eHealth.
The Health Team of the World Bank Dhaka office commissioned a study to assess the returns from the capacity building investments in HIS/eHealth with a view to improving these returns from investments.