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Independent multi-disciplinary review of the national response to HIV and AIDS for the financial years 2016-2018

Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery; Communicable diseases (CD); Malaria - HIV/AIDS - TB
Narrative description of project:
The Government of Malawi (GOM), through the National AIDS Commission (NAC) received financial assistance from various donors and partners towards funding of activities and operations against the HIV and AIDS epidemic. hera was contracted to conduct an Independent Multi – Disciplinary Review of the National Response to HIV and AIDS for 2016 to 2018. The hera team reviewed progress by NAC and its implementing partners in achieving expected results as outlined in the Integrated Annual Work Plan (IAWP) and NSP, comparing actual progress observed against outputs and results in the IAWP and NSP. In doing this, the team considered how well the M&E system is functioning for providing NAC and partners with appropriate, quality data. The team paid particular attention to how well NAC and its implementing partners are addressing social and gender inequalities through their programs, as well as to whether sufficient emphasis is being given to each NSP thematic area.
Description of services provided:
The team of consultants conducting the review spent two weeks visiting sites, doing key informant interviews and reviewing data. The team leader made a presentation of preliminary findings to the National Joint Annual Review meeting. The report was subsequently submitted in early December 2017 and approved in January 2018.