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External Evaluation "SMART" Mozambique (Chiúre)

Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery; Communicable diseases (CD); Malaria - HIV/AIDS - TB
Narrative description of project:
SolidarMed is working in the Northern Province of Cabo Delgado since 1995, short after the end of the civil war. Since 2005, the organization supports the District of Chiure with the establishment and up- scaling of HIV services with a focus on ART. Since 2008, the project has been replicated in the neighbouring District of Ancuabe. By end of 2013, the third project phase in Chiure will come to an end; as well as the mid-term of the second phase of the project in Ancuabe.
The SMART projects are implemented by SolidarMed and embedded into (1) the broader country strategy of SolidarMed Mozambique, and (2) a region-wide SolidarMed HIV programme.
SolidarMed desires this external evaluation to reflect on the past 8 years of SMART implementation. It is expected, that the recommendations of this evaluation will shape future interventions in the districts within the current country programme and the area.