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Support on the IEG Key Performance Indicators

Myanmar (fka. Burma)
Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Planning, Management, M&E; Monitoring and Evaluation
Narrative description of project:
hera provided technical support to UNOPS managing the 3MDG Fund in Myanmar (2012-2018). Within this framework contract support is provided on a demand basis. UNOPS requested hera to a) provide technical recommendations on risks and issues for the Fund Board and Fund Management Office (FMO) to consider when establishing a contract and working with an Independent evaluation group (IEG); b) brief the Fund Manager's Office and the Fund Board on key findings; and c) if necessary, establish Key Performance Indicators for assessing the quality of products produced by the IEG with the Fund Board and Sounding Board members.
Description of services provided:
hera assessed the TOR and the technical proposal submitted by the agency to potentially provide the services of the IEG; and provided recommendations to the Fund Board on the strengths and weaknesses of the technical proposal, as well on how to mitigate risks in eventually contracting the agency. The hera brief was used in the negotiations with the agency to be contracted.