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Evaluation of WDF supported projects in Cameroon 2003-2014

The World Diabetes Foundation
Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery; Non communicable diseases (NCD); Non communicable diseases
Narrative description of project:
The World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) has been providing support to Cameroon since 2003 through a portfolio of 9 projects. WDF commissioned hera to implement an external evaluation of this portfolio, exploring how it has contributed to changing the situation of people suffering from diabetes, and influenced the development of national policies in relation to diabetes mellitus (DM) in Cameroon. The specific objectives of this evaluation were:
- To assess and describe changes, if any, in the access and prevention of diabetes as a direct consequence of the WDF project interventions;
- To document the impact of WDF supported diabetes projects in Cameroon; and
- To document lessons learned / best practices both in the project design / formulation / implementation as well as at the project management level, in order to increase WDF project impact in the future.
The evaluation covered the period from 2003 to 2014, and the evaluators were invited to apply the OECD evaluation criteria and verify the application of the WDF Code of conduct. At the onset of the evaluation, the Board of the WDF stressed the importance of qualitative information on the projects supported and their environment.