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Development of a Nutrition Health Tool

European Commission (EC)
Field of Expertise:
Health Service Delivery; PHC/MNCH/RH/Nutrition/W&S; Nutrition_E
Narrative description of project:
This assignment is part of the Health Advisory Services – HAS project (EUR 1.999.715,00, 10/2014-10/2017, managed by hera consortium). Its identification number within the HAS is HAS 088.
The HAS provides technical support to the European Commission (DEVCO/HQ) and the EU Delegations for a period of three years.
DG DEVCO contracted the HAS to support the implementation of its health aid policies and programmes; strengthen the capacity of EU Delegations and DEVCO/HQ; and tackle other issues for which in-house thematic capacity is lacking or insufficient.

DFID and EC/COM are working together to produce a resource for staff within their organisations, summarizing the evidence for integration of key nutrition interventions into health systems.
Identifying evidence-based nutrition interventions that have the potential to benefit and result in positive health and nutrition outcomes will be crucial to improve cost-effectiveness and sustainability of country support. A concise and practical note for country based staff had to be developed to increase knowledge on WHY it is important to integrate nutrition interventions into health systems and WHAT should be integrated. This evidence review was also aimed at distinguishing broadly between what’s feasible for low-income and for middle-income countries. This knowledge should help them to ascertain whether they currently have the right interventions integrated, whether there is potential for more integration, how health programmes and services can be designed / adapted with optimal integration of nutrition interventions (based on identified opportunities for integration and the available evidence).