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Technical Assistance Support for RBF Implementation (TASRI)

Field of Expertise:
Health Economics and Financing; PBF/RBF/OBF (and Budget); PBF/RBF/OBF (and Budget)
Narrative description of project:
The World Bank's multi-donor Health Results Innovations Trust Fund (HRITF) supports Results-based Financing (RBF) approaches in the health sector in more than 35 countries. The Governments of Norway and the UK have committed 558 million USD to the HRITF through 2022. The HRITF supports the design, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation of RBF approaches; develops and disseminates evidence for implementing successful RBF approaches; builds country institutional capacity to scale up and sustain the RBF approaches, within the national health strategy and system; and attracts additional financing to the health sector.
TASRI is a new WB framework contract entered into call-down arrangements for rapid response and high quality operational and technical support in key areas of health system strengthening and financing areas. This includes M&E of RBF approaches, in particular:
o Strengthening HMIS, analysing operational data;
o Impact evaluation support including review of concept notes; and
o Data analysis, quality assurance and data management.
Description of services provided:
Within this framework contract, as part of the HEART Consortium, hera has provided technical support to the WB country office and respective governments in Cameroon and Tajikistan in 2016/17(see the specific contracts).