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Organisational and Management Audit of the Joint Programme 'Improving the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and youth in Burundi'

Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Netherlands
Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Planning, Management, M&E; Planning, Organisation and Management
Narrative description of project:
In 2015, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Burundi, commissioned a consortium led by CARE Burundi, with partners UNFPA, Cordaid and Rutgers to implement a 5-year programme (ending Dec 2020, €17 million) aimed at improving sexual and reproductive health and life skills of adolescents and youth in Burundi. This “nationwide” programme (nationwide but not covering all communities, schools and collines), also referred to as the “Programme Conjoint” (PC) seeks to reposition the status, life skills and well-being of youth by improving their sexual and reproductive health through Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). School children, children out-of-school, communities and relevant stakeholders within the health sector are being targeted by the PC.
The programme’s approach is holistic and based on the internationally adopted and Burundian Government “approved” curriculum on CSE "The World Starts With Me". The programme is a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Health/Programme Nationale de Santé Réproductive, the Ministry of Education, Gender, the Ministry of Youth & Sports and other local public and private partners operating in this area.
hera was contracted to provide an international expert in organizational change to conduct an organizational and management audit
The main aim and objectives of this assignment were:
• to establish the level of effectiveness of the institutional, organisational and management set-up of the Programme, and
• to suggest a limited number of – realistic and feasible – key performance improvement measures.
Description of services provided:
hera opted to approach this assignment from a business perspective by systematically examining all components of a (social) enterprise: ranging from its corporate mission, organisational objectives, clients, products & services, to its governance, staffing and costing structure.
Upon request of the client (i.e. RNE) it was decided to present the findings of this scan in the form of questions and improvement options. By holding up a mirror to the consortium members, we also tried to raise awareness of some new emerging realities and concepts in international development, for instance in terms of result-based planning, management and reporting, as well as value for money issues.