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Management Retreat aimed at initiating organisational and business development process Joint Programme

CARE Nederland
Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Planning, Management, M&E; Planning, Organisation and Management
Narrative description of project:
The MENYUMENYESHE joint program for improving sexual and reproductive health of youth and adolescents in Burundi is implemented by a consortium including CARE, CORDAID, UNFPA and Rutgers and financed by the Kingdom of Netherlands through its embassy in Burundi. The project covers the national territory for a period of five years between 2016 and 2020. The program aims at achieving four specific objectives: ensuring youth and adolescents have access to comprehensive information about reproductive and sexual health (ASRH); ensuring youth and adolescents have access to a quality reproduction health framework adapted for youth (including family planning) ; key actors at the community level protect and promote the health and reproductive and sexual rights of adolescents ; and a solid coordination between partners and stakeholders in ASRHR is operating at the local and national level.

hera was solicited to (a) facilitate a management retreat aimed at reviewing and adopting the recommendations from an earlier conducted (programmatic) mid-term review and organisational scan of the CARE, UNFPA, CORDAID, RUTGERS Consortium on ASRHR and (b) to provide input into the development of a Business Plan, constituting the basis for a new funding arrangement between the RNE and the Consortium, beyond 2020.

Following a consultative process between all Consortium members and the hera consultant, consensus was reached on Consortium’s mission, vision and operational objectives for the medium-term future and the necessity to position and profile this collaborative network as a “knowledge management”, rather than a “project implementation body”. In addition, hera compiled the first draft of the 2020-2023 Business plan, which was further elaborated on and finalised by the consortium lead.