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Final evaluation of the project ?Institutional support to the Ministry of Public Health in Niger (Institutional Support Unit)'

Enabel - Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)
Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Planning, Management, M&E; Planning, Organisation and Management
Narrative description of project:
This evaluation provided “institutional support” at the central level to the Ministry of Health in Niger. The Terms of reference for the evaluation specified a ‘realist evaluation’ approach. In other words, the evaluation should first of all provide explanations – mainly in the form of ‘necessary conditions’ – for project goals and to identify general points of attention for the continuation of the health sector policy and projects in Niger. Special attention was given to the quality of the project ‘anchoring’ and the required competences of the project team, as these were among the most important ‘necessary conditions’ for project success. The review helped to provide structured feedback for decision-makers, donors and other stakeholders at the operational and more strategic level (learning opportunity). The evaluation focused on answering the question of what contributed to the success or failure and why.
Description of services provided:
The evaluation team applied the Realist Evaluation approach and was part of a dynamic that stimulated learning by the actors concerned. The process was participatory involving all the actors concerned, including beneficiaries, and is part of an ongoing process of reflection (learning opportunity). It was conducted using a comprehensive and systemic approach, and went beyond the technical dimension to include other dimensions such as relational quality, partnership relationships and possible synergies with other interventions. At the end of the observation and analysis period in the field, the evaluation team organised a feedback workshop using a participatory approach, involving each interest group.