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Revues externes de deux programmed santé au Rwanda et Burundi et recommandations prospectives pour un programme santé régional

Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)
Rwanda, Burundi
Field of Expertise:
Health Policy and Governance; Planning, Management, M&E; Planning, Organisation and Management
Narrative description of project:
External evaluation of two district health projects of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), the 'Programme de renforcement de la santé publique' (PSP) in the Districts of Karongi and Rutsiro in Rwanda, and the 'Programme d'appui au système de santé' (PASS) in the Province of Ngozi in Burundi. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the results and evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of the two projects, and to provide SDC with recommendations about future health systems support to Rwanda and Burundi through a planned regional Great Lakes programme.
Description of services provided:
A hera team of one international and two national consultants implemented the evaluation according to OECD/DAC evaluation guidelines. An additional visit to the site of the SDC PASS project in South Kivu Province of the DRC contributed to strengthening the regional perspective for the formulation of recommendations for a future regional health sector support programme funded by Switzerland.