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PSM in Fragile Settings

European Commission (EC)
Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; PSCM, financing and cost/pricing; Procurement and Supply Chain Assessments & Strengthening
Narrative description of project:
This assignment is part of the Health Advisory Services – HAS project managed by a hera-led consortium.
The HAS provides technical support to the European Commission (DEVCO/HQ) and the EU Delegations for a period of three years. DG DEVCO contracted the HAS to support the implementation of its health aid policies and programmes; strengthen the capacity of EU Delegations and DEVCO/HQ; and tackle other issues for which in-house thematic capacity is lacking or insufficient.

An uninterrupted supply of essential medicines is of key importance for the development of health systems. In developing countries, and in particular in fragile settings, despite many years of international attention, this supply is far from adequate. Often, the public sector is served by poorly managed central medical stores. However, there are also examples of PSM systems in LICs and LMICs performing well, that could be of relevance elsewhere. In 43 LICs and LMICs, the EU has been supporting health systems, including support to national PSM systems. There was a need to inventorise current PSM practices in various settings, including fragile settings, to identify lessons learnt. The use of these lessons will contribute to stronger EU support in the future. The aim of this assignment was to have an improved understanding among EUD staff of the relevance of the local / national context for the formulation of successful PSM interventions.