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Review of the National Pharmaceutical Procurement Unit of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone
Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; PSCM, financing and cost/pricing; Procurement and Supply Chain Assessments & Strengthening; Medical Products, Technologies; All/Other_A; Pharmaceutical programme support (design, M&E)
Narrative description of project:
The procurement, storage and distribution of medicines and medical supplies for the public sector in Sierra Leone has been the responsibility of the NPPU. This organization was established through an Act of Parliament in 2012. Prior to the establishment of the NPPU, the abovementioned functions were carried out by the Central Medical Stores (CMS), a unit of the Directorate of Drugs and Medical Supplies (DDMS) within the MoHS.
Under the NPPU, the challenges that prompted its establishment (and that limited access to medicines) persisted. These challenges include wastage of medicines because of expiry and poor management, and frequent stock shortages. Assessments of the challenges were made by several organizations eventually prompting the President of the Republic to suspend operations of the NPPU to allow for reforms.
This assignment’s objective was to support – as member – the work of a Task Force that will result in recommendations to the President on the changes required to make NPPU a fully transparent and accountable institution, delivering value for money, and commanding the respect of the public and development partners and sustainably delivering the right drugs and supplies to the right place at the right time.