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Efficiency analysis of the drugs procurement and distribution system in Morocco - for the project "Development of the health sector financing strategy"

Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; PSCM, financing and cost/pricing; Procurement and Supply Chain Assessments & Strengthening; Medical Products, Technologies; PSCM, financing and cost/pricing; Drug Pricing / Medicines Pricing
Narrative description of project:
Morocco has repeatedly committed to apply the right to health for the whole Moroccan population. In order to achieve this, the government has focused its efforts on the universal medical coverage, as key issue of the operational policies.
The universal coverage is reached when the whole population can access, without financial consequences, to a determinate healthcare package.
In this context, the Ministry of Health is now trying to answer to the following fundamental question:
Does the whole set of implemented initiatives and political decisions on health financing allow Morocco to reach its ambitions? If not, which are the reasons and which measures should be taken to improve the system?
The study on health financing tried to answer that question covering 3 components:
1) First of all, the study approached the health system in its political, macro-economic and demographic context, and designed the table of the health financing system.
2) Second point, the study analysed the fiscal room for health, considering all financial resources coming from different financing sources, current and future, with an overview until 2030.
Third component was a focus on the operational efficiency of the system, through an analysis of the human resources (50% of the budget), the drugs (30% of the budget), and of the healthcare services.