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Audit of the Global Fund grants in Zimbabwe

The Global Fund
Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; PSCM, financing and cost/pricing; Procurement and Supply Chain Assessments & Strengthening
Narrative description of project:
As part of its 2012 work plan, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) carried out an audit of Global Fund grants to Zimbabwe from 22 October to 30 November 2012. The audit focused on Round 8 grants and covered the operations of the Sub-Recipients, a sample of sub-sub-Recipients, the Country Coordinating Mechanism, the Local Fund Agent and the Global Fund Secretariat.
The audit objectives are to:
• Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the management and operations of the Global Fund’s grants including value for money;
• Evaluate the soundness of existing systems, policies and procedures for safeguarding Global Fund resources;
• Assess the quality of services provided using Global Fund resources;
• Assess the extent to which outcomes and impacts agreed under the grants are achieved;
• Confirm compliance of grant recipients with the Global Fund grant agreements and related policies and procedures, and the related laws of the country;
• Identify any other risks that the Global Fund grants may be exposed to and measures in place to mitigate such risks; and,
• Make recommendations to strengthen the management of the Global Fund grants.
Description of services provided:
Bertrand will finish the assignment at 28/11 instead of 30/11/2012.
Sean Drysdale has worked 28.5 days instead of 25 days. Djeva will send the updated PO that includes 3.5 extra days.