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Design of Country Strategies for Plan International Cameroon, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone

Plan - UK
Cameroon, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone
Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; All/Other_A; Pharmaceutical programme support (design, M&E)
Narrative description of project:
All Plan International entities must develop, implement and review 5-year country strategies (CS). The strategies are supposed to be long-term and provide strategic direction throughout the strategy cycle for work across all locations and functions. The global organization is in the process of finalizing its next global strategy. This follows the completion and approval of a new purpose, set of values and behaviors, and theory of change. As a result, all Country Strategies to be developed during the current fiscal year and beyond must align with these documents, and must follow Plan International’s Programme Quality Procedures for developing country strategies.

Plan International Cameroon, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone are three countries that are developing new country strategies this fiscal year. The process is normally mostly internally driven by the staff, and where necessary, with a few critical areas facilitated by an external consultant.